Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak  2243 meters in height famed as the”Sri Pada” or “Samanala Kanda”, as we know several religions said that this place is over their learning’s. According to Buddhist believes its holds footprint of Loard Buddha, according to other religions they believe it was Lord Shiva’s, Christians believes it is belong to them and Islamic according to believes in their religions.

Adam’s Peak is located within the Ratnapura District and Sabaragamuwa Province and Central province Province, in the southern reaches of the Central Uplands it is situated 40 kilometers from the city of Ratnapura in northeast, 32 kilometers southwest to Hatton. Surrounded by forested hills, there is nothing-similar size mountain of nearby. This area and include many endemic species and along the mountain is a wildlife spare, many classes and variables of  elephants and leopards. Adam’s Peak consist of valuable stones emeralds and which earned for it is earliest name of Ratnadipa.

The village of Nallathanniya where the stairs begin, Adam’s Peak is known as sacred place for Budhist,Hindus,Musliums and Christians. People Believes that the peak holds indentation resembling a footprint. According to Buddhists, believe it is holds Buddha’s footprint, and. Pilgrims walk up the mountain, and following different, difficult routes up thousands of steps. The peak pilgrimage season is in April, and when top of the mountain at sunrise illustrate very beautiful view, when the unique shape of the mountain’s shadow appeared, can be seen  its move quickly downward as the sunrises. All over the way, there are so many rest stops, at night, lights that all along the way shine like as rope of a stars coming from the sky.

In Adam’s Peak the tourist and both local travelers   can find very good accommodation facilities nearby There are pretty good hotels that you can find, Slightly Chilled Guest House situated very near in Adam’s Peak. Grand Adams Peak is a hotel near by Nallathaniya Nallathanniya. Situated in Maskeliya in the Nuwara Eliya and you can views of the mountains. Guests can enjoy.

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