Pinnawala is Village, which belongs to Kegalle district in Sri Lanka, this Village Near to Kandy area and away from Colombo. You can expect 28°C as maximum temperature, and wether with 95% of Humidity, spread through around 25 acres as its area. Pinnawala is one of most tourist attraction area and because there is an elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala. Both local visitors and tourists love to visit this beautiful place. It is the one and only place in Sri Lanka that you can find as for protection for wild elephants. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage formed in 1975, and it is belongs to wild life department Sri Lanka. The Main purpose is to give a good protection for baby elephants and adult elephants that lost in jungle, it is such lovable place to many number of baby elephants now there are approximately 88 elephants look after by Department of Wild Life Sri Lanka. They give special individual attention to each elephant in orphanage. There is a breeding program in orphanage that launched in 1982. Under this breeding program over 20 elephant, babies have been birth with in this place.  Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is one of the large elephant orphanages in the world.

Within this Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, all the elephants most of the time served the foods in their stalls, as the foods to them, apart from grass. coconut, Vast quantities of jack-fruit,  ade from “Kitul” palm tree, carried here in daily basis as the bulks of food that need to feed elephants.

According to the timetable, they have foods, after that elephants taking to the river to bath. It is the most favorite moment that most of the time people love to see. And there you can see Pinnawala zoo is situated very closer to this Pinnawala elephant orphanage. It was first zoo in Sri Lanka

Founded with number of 200 elephants and this area belong to National zoological garden department of Sri Lanka. Inhere with in the area you can find so many other mammals and number of birds too.

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