Sinharaja is a rainforest that can found in Sri Lanka full filled with reach biodiversity; also, in 1988, it has named as World Heritage forest by UNESCO, in 1978, it has named as a World Biosphere Reserve also given the name as Lion Kingdom translated name Sinharaja in Sinhalese. Sinharaja is a very thick rainforest surrounded with many mountains. Spread over 88.64 kilometers² in area. Within this forest you can find so numerous rampant species, very rare trees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. In Sinharaja consists with very reach thick undergrowth plants. Not like Yala you cannot see elephants and leopards very recently. You can mostly see Purple-faced languor widespread and bigger mammal with in this forest. You can see birds are transferring as varied feeding groups. Within the Sinharaja forest, you can find 26 types of endemic birds, 20 types of spices only can found with in rainforest such as birds like orange-billed babbler, Red Faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka blue magpie and Green Billed Coucal.

You can find several reptiles with in this cloudy and rainy environment, such as green pit viper and hump-nosed vipers. There are amphibians like tree frogs that you can recently find also common birdwing endemic butterfly and while you are traveling you can find many  leeches because this forest belongs to wet environment.

You can find near in here Sinharaja such as Sinhagala, Pinipitigala and Mulawella; those are some of the Mountains surrounded this area.

You can visit here by several ways if you are coming from clolombo you can cross over by passing Kalawana and Kudawa, also known as Kudawa entrance, from Galle or Matara you can pass Deniyaya and Pitadeniya also known as Pitadeniya entrance and you can come over Deniyaya through Morning Side Estate.

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