Sri Lanka is a well famed for Ayurveda from the early days in history. The “Ayurveda” means in elaborately  found that this word is composed from the “Sanskrit” the “Ayu” with the meaning for long life and “Veda” for practice or methodology in best practice by keep in body’s good health, also can distinguish this as a meaning of “Science of Life”.

 There are oldest and traditional medicines given methods and healing people, Ayurveda is one of the most ancient practices that keep peoples life’s healthy. It is being more than five thousand years has passed away now, but still in here Sri Lanka more than 60% of people are still taking the medicines step along with this old tradition methodology for medicines. All the stuffs that used to make this Ayurveda medicine are found in natural environment.

There are Number of Ayurveda spas and services that you can found here in Sri Lanka even with star calss hotels in here, most of the time they managed a specific standard you just do not have to worry. But if you are willing to take treatments you may consider about following two main facts such as:

  • The Ayurveda Doctor must qualified person in treatment.
  • The specific Ayurveda treatment center must recognized and  arrange under the general standards and registered one.

There are several treatment types in Ayurveda such as,

  • Medicines in Ayurveda
  • Diet plan for get medicines in Ayurveda
  • Oil Treatments such as Head massages, Body massages, Facial massages and Foot massages
  • Herbal treatments such as Herbal Bath, Herbal steam bath, Milk rice fermentation and Herbal water treatments

There’s a Department of Ayurveda is also available under Sri Lankan Government.  This will manage the specific System spread over the country. Not only the tourists local people are attached to this from this the provide the services such as anticipation of diseases, health up keeping recovery and growth on an classic level, Future growth of Ayurvedic medicine  plans essential for development and spared Ayurvedic Medicine worldwide.

All this treatment don by using herbal medicines without any  chemicals, Ayurveda is a medical methodologies like that you can earn very nice experience if you wish to visit here in Sri Lanka  and get to know more about this.