Ella is a small town situated in Badulla District of Uva Province, Ella town situated from 200 kilometers distance from Colombo, it is height as 1,041 meters above the sea level, Surrounded with rich bio-diversity with range of flora and fauna. Tea plantation can be seeing surrounded through hills, and found number of cloud forests. And very nice climate cold climate at night and hot weather in day time, if you are interested in climbing hills Ella is very suitable place for it and you may want to prepared for sun and as well as cold weather, both local and visitors and foreigners attracted to this place because of the cloudy beautiful evergreen background.

Ella is famous for place called Little Adam’s Peak or Small Sripada located 2 kilometers from the town, many of the travelers came to see because of the natural beauty of this place. The mountain range of Namunukula, Poonagala and Narangala also located on near this place. If you are willing to come here by train, you can enjoy number of sceneries made by nature.

Then also you can see Demodara Nine Arch Bridge, it is one of the iconic bridges in Sri Lanka.  Located in Demodara, between Ella and Demodara Railway Stations Ella Rock is the beautiful place to visit Ella Rock offers some spectacular views from beautiful waterfalls Like Ravana Ella Falls and Ella Gap Waterfall. There’s a Ravana’s Cave very difficult to climb up and you can see the cave.  There are some tea factories also you can find in Ella area, Kinellan Tea Factory & Halpewatte Tea Factory is main tea factories. In addition, there is number of herbal spas like Nature’s Secret Ayurvedic spa, Hela Osu Suwapiyasa and Suwa Pradeepa Spa, those are only three of them you can find many.   Also threes a spice garden in Ella that you can get a guide that introduces trees, plants and spices. There is shop that sells that you can buy everything at local travels says they are quite fairly expensive in price.