Kitulgala is rural village, situated in urban are situated Western Province in Sri Lanka. Wet zones rainforest are very familiar with in this area in each year Kithulgala have two monsoon periods also can known as one of the most wettest land in Sri Lanka. You can expect very smooth climate with sunny times change to time to time sometimes. Kithulgala is very nature attracted places both local and foreign travelers. The world famous film The Bridge on the River Kwai also filmed in here Kithulgala. Today we can see that bridge’s some parts like its foundation with in that place near to Kelani River Near To Kithulgala. Kitulgala is also popular for white water rafting sport, which starts a few kilometers upstream.

Kitulgala name was directed by name as ”Kithul”, it is a kind of palm tree that well grown surrounded in here. From This Kithul tree there people made liquor, liquid delicious syrup and made jiggery from it. Palm wine, by using Kithul pith people made the ropes by using its fibers.

Bananas of both red and yellow varieties are grown. The yellow bananas are only some 8 cm long, but are sweeter and tastier than the commercial strains available in the West. Rubber trees are also grown on the higher areas.

In Kitulgala there are so many places that you can enjoy your leisure time there are several hotels and resorts that you can recently find nearby to the Kelani river with excellent rice and curry lunch at the local restaurants.

In Kitulgala you can enjoy by play in the river, and have excellent rice and curry lunch at the local restaurants. The Kelani river is wide at Kitulgala, the Serendib scops owl Sri Lanka’s most recently discovered bird, was originally founded and calling by Deepal Warakagoda with in this area. The hills above the rubber estates also have mountain hawk eagle, crested tree swift and Layard’s parakeet. Many people tour from Colombo at weekends to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In Kitulgala you can watch type of birds if you are really interested about it, most of the birds in the rainforest that can be found in Sinharaja, although in lower numbers. However, the subordinate forest and cultivation can found in Kitulgala is more open than the original forests of Sinharaja the world class heritage, and subtle endemic species like Sri Lanka spurfowl, green-billed coucal and spot-winged thrush also can easily found with in this forestry area of Kitulgala.