Travel Tips

There are several tips that you may want to follow while you are traveling across the country. While you are traveling through the Colombo you can expect stuck in traffic but when you are in high ways, normally travel speed limit  30-40 kilometers per hour   with  in  the two highways so it will be less. While you are visiting outside the Colombo, also it may less.

Traveling through the Sri Lanka quite expensive whether you have suggested a budget by using local transport services and you can stay low budget guesthouses with $20, you can cross the country by public bus transportation. Can find a lowest budget quiet good hotel room for $20, while hire a car and drive through for a $55 to 70 amounts for a day. You can visit the places like Sigiriya, ticket’s price near to $30, and rate of the visiting expenses over state gardens, parks can expect near as $80 with entry charges and transport. Sometimes some hotels add service charge with government taxes it is make as 12% in VAT as four-tourist industries development from 1% and, 2% as for Nations development tax in most of the first class hotels. So first of all you may wanted to get some idea by studying which way is fits for you sometimes 25% in extra charges add by top class five star hotels in here and it may more expensive than your expectation.

While you are enjoying your trip you may wanted to care about climate too. There are some places with tropical sunny climate areas like beach side Hikkaduwa or archeological valued site like Anuradapura, sometimes very cold like Nuwera Eliya ,Haputale and sometimes it can be very peaceful balanced like Kandy , Matale. You may want to prepare before you visit here you may want to bring cloths according to your preference to visit in each area. some times from sun protection some times in cold protection.

some of the local craft sellers doing the same thing while they sell some item so you have to do little bargaining activity and getting them in your page. Not the all people like this but as a tourist, you can face these types of things by knowing this things its help to identify a lowest rated and good way to arrange your visit in here Sri Lanka.

Most of the time off roads may not in very good condition from Colombo places which nearly situated in some rural. It is best to bring a full detailed map with you and sometimes GPS signaling problems can occurred while you are traveling.

Exchanging money in here is better to do with international money exchanging dealers in here. Traveling cheques will not be so reasonable payment method in here. In Sri Lanka there are some additional charges for tourists state gardens, parks nature reserves, places which have archaeological value tourist must have to pay than local travelers. Sometimes double in rate from local’s entry fees sometimes locals do not want to do any payments as example places like “Anuradhapura”, “Sri Dalada Maligawa” (the Tooth Temple) foreigners have to pay much amount and local travelers pay nothing. As a foreigner sometimes you have to spent money fairly things like taxi rides for small visits such as visit some place in very near in distance like market or groceries taxi drivers sometimes not telling regular price and trying to demand. They expecting overcharge for everything if you are a tourist you and may not aware about this you have to pay double to everything. So as a best way you can arrange your holidays associate with a travel center, it may help to you arrange your holiday in reasonable under budgeted way.