Sri Lankan visa authorization with your passport it is a legal document that support get the admission for other peoples who are not citizens of Sri Lanka which govern the period that they can stay ,also includes rules and regulations that non Sri Lankans must obey while they are staying in here.

There are some Visas in Sri Lanka; you can identify under these categories such as Visit Visa, Business Visit Visa and Residence Visa.

Visit Visa can know as legal permitted document that represents the agreement of Government of Sri Lanka which approves entry of the foreigners’ admissions in side in to the country. Includes the period that person can stay and conditions which want to obey, again classified under two categories.

Tourist Visit Visa

This type of Visa allocated for tourists who are interesting in visiting over the country and engaging sight-seeing with tours and spending leisure time while relaxing.

Business Visit Visa

This type of Visa allocated for foreigners who are come here for business matters miniature periods in here and visa issued for single, double or multiple entries.

Residence Visa

This type of Visa allocated for non Sri Lankans to gain services for special dedications again it was classified under eight categories.

  • Employment Category
  • Investor Category
  • Religious Category
  • Student Category
  • Registered Indians covered by the 1954 Indo Lanka Agreement.
  • Ex- Sri Lankans and their dependents
  • Family Members of a Sri Lankan
  • Diplomatic and Official visa
  • My Dream Home Visa Programme
  • Resident Guest Visa Programme – Transit Visa and Gratis Visa
  • Criteria that you are expecting Visa

Sri Lankan Dual citizens

  • Children near 21 years of old, who born according to 5(2) of Citizenship Act found in 1948
  • Children under 21 years of old who innate within Sri Lanka they must have Sri Lankan
  • General Criteria’s for admissibility wants for Sri Lankan Visas from Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration

You may want to be appropriate person to arrive in here Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration must want to accept your purpose why you are arriving in here Sri Lanka. You must want to have hold legally valid passport during at least six months of period due date you arrive in Sri Lanka. You must want to obligate sufficient capitals for your upkeep while you are in Sri Lanka also for expenses when your return to your country which give out passport. If you are with visit visa you may wanted to have in ownership of a written assurance to return to the country of residence or a visa to the next country’s terminal. You can get more information below contact numbers and visit its web site of Department of Migration and Emigration.