Sri Lanka is a country that you can found various climates alternatives within a one country. There are sunny beach sides, beautifully spotted hill country areas with very cold and smooth, this is varying from city to city. However Sri Lanka is a country with diverse drizzly and with some of the dry seasons, Monsoon cross over the country takes plentiful shower in Western province and Southern province within the period of through the months between May and September. Dry season can expect between the months of December to March.  The South West side of the country annual rainfall can expect as 4000 millimeters. And Northern side of the Sri Lanka and Eastern side of the Sri Lanka, there are another monsoon rain can expect during the months of October through January. During the period between May and September again the dry season can expect. Annual rainfall can expect as 1000 millimeters. There is also inter monsoonal time that due the period storms and thundering atmosphere can expect with storms. It’s better you can prepare with cloths for warm weather and for the rainy days for any time of year.

The hill countryside climate is very smooth, cold and low temperature, during the period of November to January approximately near to 16 oC to 20oC, and in beach side temperature can expect approximately near to 27 oC. Weather around the coastline consists with most relaxed gentle wind across the shore line. Humidity within the coastal weather approximately near to 80% through the year.

As the tropical country Sri Lanka weather varies because of the asymmetrical variations of climate can be experience over the time through the periods of March to August can expect the flood and the months of September to November floods directly affected the Southern Western Province so within that period it’s better to  avoid this area  from your travel trip. However sometimes Sri Lanka weather can be changeable any period of time.

For Tourism activities popular months can recognize as December and March, also you can involve for some activates of Christmas celebration and also Sinhala Hindu New Year festival during the months of December and April. Therefore in this festival period, Sri Lanka is an ideal place to visit and enjoy by seeing lots of traditional events.