Weligama is a city that situated near to shore  line in Matara District Sri Lanka.Matara is related to Southern Province. The name of Weligama directed because of the sand bays find within this area situated in 9 meters height from sea level, 144 Kilometers distance to Colombo city by southern side.You can expect maximum temperature as 28°C and 85% Humidity in whether.

In here Weligama main occupation is fishing and tourism. Tourists are very interesting to visit here because of the attractive cost line resorts that can find here such as Taprobane constructed based on a villa,built by French person belives this place is Weligama Sri Sumangala thero’s birthplace. and you can find good resorts over here very closer to nice view of the sea side and helpful staff with so many facilities such as Weligama Bay Resort, Jagabay Resort & Restaurant, Aussie Swiss Beach Resort, Eraeliya Villas & Gardens , Weligama Ocean Breeze and Luvi Lucas River Side few name of them but you can find many in here. Because of the Tsunami incident Weligama also destroyed its area,and damaged as well so many people died , but now tourist industry running well in here with the development of the time.

There are some historical landmarks around here Weligama area you can find. Avalokiteshvara Bodhisthva statue which is carved into the rock approximately 3 meters in height also knowing as Kustaraja Gala one of the land mark like that.

Weligama is very popular for “Beeralu Lace” production which belives that Portuguese familiarized this lace making in 16th century now spread over and popular as handicraft production all over the sea line in several houses such as lace types like crochet also tatting lace. In here Weligama you can also see the scenery of still fishermen. People that using the bamboo sticks at the level of chest deep in sea water catching small fishes.

There’s a rail line over the seaside of Southern that run through the Colombo to Matara, also A2 main highway also available linking Colombo through Weligama.